Cultural and Sports Sponsorships

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Cultural Sponsorships

Within the framework of our values at C2S Consulting, equity is implemented through a management with a sense of participatory justice and plurality, always oriented to the integral development of the components of society in general. In this sense, we wish to highlight the mechanisms we have used which have been through sponsorships and promotion of activities, both in the cultural and sports settings.

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We have the great honor and privilege of announcing that last Saturday September 9th of this year at California State University, Dominguez Hills in Los Angeles, at The 2017 International Latino Book Awards, our Venezuelan writer Ydalia Molina was awarded the First Place in the category of Romance Novel for her book Martiria Lucía desborda vendavales.

Proud of such a distinguished award, we consulted with Ydalia about what this means to her and what are her next steps. This is what she answered:

Winning the International Latino Book Awards represents an important recognition to the four years of arduous work that were the writing and researching for the novel. Along with her Venezuelan protagonist Martiria Lucía, the author has participated in different book presentations, both in Puerto Rico (where she resides) and in her native city Caracas. The novel has received positive praise from literary critics as well as international readers. Ydalia Molina hopes to continue her literary process by writing another novel and participating in anthologies of short stories.

Likewise, the writer has expressed to us that she considers very important to highlight the support from C2S Consulting for literary creation in Puerto Rico, which places the company at the forefront of the promotion of cultural values.

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In the sports setting, and loyal to our principles, C2S Consulting sponsored the Women’s Volleyball Team Las Vaqueras during their participation in the Local Games in Bayamon last Saturday September 9th. The inauguration was in the José Pepín Cestero court. We wish them much success at the Local Games Championship in Bayamon REVA.