The Annual Meeting of C2S Consulting

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On August 18, 2017, the Annual Meeting of C2S Consulting, was held in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, with the participation of all the professional team working in Puerto Rico, as well as the team based on Florida(USA), Atlanta(USA), Mexico and Panama.

A brief –only half a day– but very nourished agenda Jesús Colón, who was in charge to introduce the new corporate image of the Company, on its 5th anniversary. This presentation highlighted, on the one hand, the graphic elements of this revamped image, centered on a change on its logo -considered an evolution of the previous one-, and on the other hand, the mature and well defined corporate philosophy of C2S Consulting, with a clear definition of its mission, vision and values. The most valuable qualities and contributions of the Organization’s work-team were also highlighted in this presentation.

In addition, three of our business partners -SAP, Microsoft and OutSystems- and an independent consultant –Dra. María Egleé Pérez– conducted also presentations related to the state of the art and business strategies around products and solutions in the areas of Enterprise Applications Architecture, Cloud Computing, Accelerated Applications Development and Big Data and Analytics as main enablers of the “digital transformation” process.

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