Engagement Manager Training Course

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Between February 13 and February 22, a C2S Consulting project management team completed 40 hours doing the Engagement Manager Training Course provided by our partner Outsystems.

The target audience for this course are mostly people with PM, PO or BA responsibilities on a project. Nevertheless, any active role from a project team will benefit from it to have a common understanding of the topics covered.

The training has two modules: Delivering with Outsystems Method and Build and Manage your Backlog.

Delivering with Outsystems Method: related with the practice that OutSystems follows to manage and execute solution delivery projects. The delivery practice comes as another element to maximize the OS platform’s potential. The training's focus is on:

  • solution delivery principles
  • team roles and their drivers.
  • overview of how we plan, manage and deliver projects at OutSystems

Build and Manage your Backlog: cover several topics about building and managing your backlog. The material go thru what Agile is all about, and then discuss a byproduct that the community likes to call FrAgile, the core of Agile, Storytelling and Controlled Motion.

These last two topics will provide you specific techniques about knowing, first, what to build and how to write the backlog for it, and then the Controlled Motion section will cover techniques and key moments of your sprint that allow you to actually manage that backlog in a suitable way.

All the team members will need to also take a test which is offered in the Outsystems community to validate their learning.

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