Our mission is to form strategic and trusted partnerships with our customers. Guided by clear values, we provide our customers a wide range of consulting services and products to help them transform their organizations and accelerate their success. We are committed to solid ethical principles, respecting diversity and being in harmony with the environment.



We aim to be recognized as a world-class Consulting Company that contributes to the innovation, quality, continuous growth, and profitability of our customers, building a participative leadership that harmoniously guarantees the accomplishment of the goals with our customers, strategic partners, and employees.



Professional Excellence. We offer high quality services, based on our acquired experience and extensive knowledge base. As a true leader in the industry, we also constantly strive to explore new services.

Respect. We strive to always put the fair and considerate treatment of our coworkers, partners and customers first.

Loyalty. The C2S team forms an environment of mutual trust based on our strong commitment and responsibility to the customers we serve and the partners with whom we deliver our projects.

Competitiveness. Based on our credentials, we offer our customers differentiated products and services of considerable strategic value.

Power of Diversity. We share a corporate culture of mutually respecting each individual’s capabilities and helping each other grow. Our belief is our growth; it is the growth of all of our customers and partners in the ecosystem.

Unlimited Dimension. Our global and regional experience, our industry knowledge and our strategic network allow us to offer solutions and services that drive customer specific results.

Transparency. We believe that the only way to ensure success for our customers and ourselves is to operate in a completely transparent way. We encourage our associates to listen to ideas and share opinions that can help us become a better, stronger and more capable company.

Equity. We employ a leadership approach that strives to be fair and equitable. We create an inclusive and participative culture that extends beyond the workplace.