C2S Consulting’s professionals work to transform ideas and develop potentials, improving the way that both, clients and related companies, carry out their businesses. We take care of everything: from the analysis and planning of the most fragile, associated with impacts to the most vulnerable by natural and technological threats, to the deployment and development of applications, transactional and analytic, and the structured and unstructured data management, for the execution of the businesses in both private and public organizations.

Each of our team members contributes with their effort, dedication, responsibility and commitment to reach our clients’ goals and objectives. Our consulting team strives to apply innovative and up-to-date methodologies that, combined with its functional and industrial expertise, enable it to carry out transformations in organizations. Our experience, quality of services and our clients’ references also attract important partners. We are strategic allies of major global companies such as IBM, SAP, Hyland and OutSystems.

Your professional development within C2S Consulting gives you access to a global network of talented, responsible, experienced individuals with a high level of social and environmental commitment.

The possibility of cultivating creativity distinguishes and differentiates us because we value and respect the individuality of each role within the work teams. Working at C2S Consulting offers inspiration to the new talents and professionals that join, providing them learning and leadership opportunities. We invite you to join the C2S Consulting team, where your skills, expertise, and interests can find an ideal fit.